Learning Alpaca

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wednesday, 4th of August

Rule No. 1: Observe, observe, observe!!!!

As an alpaca owner you MUST use your eyes. Watch your animals. Watch their behaviour, their eyes, their gait, their poo. Any of these things may be the clue to alert you to something wrong.

Is one of your alpacas suddenly sitting down a lot? That could be an indication of a gut problem or a leg problem.

Has the quality or quantity of their poo changed radically? I once found parasites in a clients’ alpaca’s poo which enabled us to head off a problem before it caused long-term, large-scale damage to the herd.

These are adorable creatures, wonderful to watch. And that 10 minutes morning and night may not only give you pleasure, but may save your animal’s life!!